Strategies for building and strengthening Relationships

It’s reportedly said that the greatest strength possessed by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was her ability to make the person she was speaking with feel like the most important person in the whole world.

The essence of building everlasting relationships lie in the art of understanding each other both in terms of one’s strengths and weaknesses and providing the much needed space to grow.

Are you keen to build & develop strong and long-lasting relationships? Is your relationship going down the drain? Would you like to be admired and loved by millions and billions across the globe?

In this article I will share with readers some key nuts & bolts for developing and strengthening relationships.

  1. Great leaders have always batted for listening over speaking. It’s the knack of giving an honest ear to somebody speaking that creates the basic foundation for strong relationship. My experiences with people have led me to firmly believe that people love to be listened to. Giving apt attention while listening to the other person, making eye-to-eye contact and portraying forward bending posture will make the person feel important. One must always strive to become genuinely interested in other people. When we do so, people pour their heart out and become lifelong friends. Pay keen attention to non-verbal communications in the form of body language; they can be most revealing. Always remember God has given us two ears to listen and one mouth to speak; hence, be a good, honest and genuine listener.
  2. When you speak, your body language and words must absolutely eliminate three “Cs” – condemn, criticize and complain. These are instant killers and leave no scope for any confidence building measures (CBMs) in any relationship whatsoever. (Later in this article I’ll share with you the replacements of these three negative traits with positive and impactful traits that you can incorporate in your life to win over hearts). 
  3. A pleasing personality and  cheerful & smiling face is the front office of a great leader. I needn’t explain you the importance and significance of front desk of any great corporation. Always present a pleasing and cheerful face to people. Always be happy and elated to see someone. A pleasant or warm greeting, especially after some length of time, is an effective technique in particular. People are really impressed when you address them with their names. Remembering names is an ultimate adhesive which firmly binds the rapport with people. Your talk should be people centered rather than self centered. Let your talk be the gain for the audience.
  4. Influence is an important tool in your quier that should be used to keep your folks together for a long period of time. Great leaders always work on their circle of influence. Over several years into public speaking and personal mentoring, I’ve very minutely observed that influence plays a vital role in cementing a relationship. Whereas knowledge of the leader works on the intelligence quotient (IQ), influence operates on emotional quotient (EQ) of the people. Effective leaders always communicate to influence, inspire and motivate. When people are influenced, they always stick together and have a multiplier effect on great relationships.
  5. Now let’s observe three “Cs” that you need to master to win hearts all over the world. They’re compliment, care and cooperation. Complimenting people even on their smallest achievement makes them extremely happy and excited. Everyone is hungry for appreciation. Appreciation is something for which babies cry and men in uniform die. So always be honest and sincere in complimenting and appreciating people on their achievement. Now we will discuss care. Always care for people and they will duly reciprocate. It’s an important ingredient in the overall recipe for strong relationship. I know it may sound obsolete and raise many eyebrows but would still persist with care as vital organ of any healthy relationship. It is well said,”people don’t care how much you know but they know how much you care.” It may not sound power word but it’s a powerful action. Care and attention is the manure for a fruitful and sweet relationship. I’ve observed when people stop to care, they’re stopped being cared for. Next is cooperation; without which building a strong relationship is virtually impossible. Cooperation resolves conflict which leads to strong relationship. Cooperation is mutual which creates a win-win situation and an overall environment for teamwork. I can vouch that once you expertise the above-mentioned traits, you’re on the way to building indefatigable relationships.

When you master the strategies discussed above and carefully apply them, you will eventually build strong relationships. It’s a continuous process towards achieving the optimum success in building and strengthening the relationship and cherish them for lifetime.

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